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Explore a World were HIV/AIDS is defeated

Our approach of ending HIV/AIDS is focused on reducing SSDDIM & multiplying SAVE. i.e. SSDDIM(Stigma, Shame, Denial, Discrimination, Inaction, Mis-actions). SAVE: Safer behaviours, actions & practices that protect, limit and reduce risk against sexually and non-sexually transmitted HIV. Access and adherence to good medical treatment and nutrion. Voluntary, routine and stigma-senstive HIV counseling and testing. Engaging and empowering children, young people, women, men, families, communities and nations most at-risk of, most vulnerable to and most affected, challenged and oppressed by HIV & AIDS. (1) Ending HIV/AIDS (2) Education (3) Youth Empowerment (3) OVC support (4) Hope Fund

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About Us

FOCAGIFO was founded after Rev Canon Prof Gideon B. Byamugisha an Anglican priest in Uganda; In 1992, he became the first religious leader in Africa to publicly announce that he was HIV/AIDS positive. FOCAGIFO has founded initiatives that have contributed towards the End of HIV/AIDS at local, national & international levels i.e. FOCAGIFO Hope Institute for Transformational Leadership & Development, Hope University Semuto, International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally affected by HIV/ AIDS.

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Our Vision

A World in which HIV/AIDS has been defeated

Our Mission

To reduce the vulnerability of individuals, families and communities living with and or directly affected by HIV and AIDS by defeating SSDDIM and multiplying SAVE working with and through the faith based community.

Dr. Karusa Kiragu the UNAIDS Country Director visit to FOCAGIFO

We recognize this as a holistic approach to Empower Youths into being productive citizens and also HIV/AIDS Competent.


Religious Leaders provide Spiritual & psycho-social support to people living with/and those affected by HIV/AIDS.


All our programs are focused at transforming the standards of living of the local community members.

Our programs

We cannot thank you enough for supporting us even in the hardest times! We remain committed to serving humanity through FOCAGIFO services of HIV prevention using the holistic approach of training, empowerment and stigma reduction.

Graduate receives start up kit during graduation
focagifo hope institute
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hope social enterprises

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Projects Completed
Staff & volunteers
Years of experience

I am a student at the University of the South Sewanee. I spent my 2019 summer time interning at FOCAGIFO.  The students & staff at  Hope Institute were amazing. I loved the hospitality, community tours & the food in Uganda.

Former intern at FOCAGIFO in 2019
Alexa dudley 2019 Intern

I graduated with a Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics at FOCAGIFO Hope Institute in 2017; on graduation, we were given start up kits each & I was retained as a driver which has given me good working experience and also income.

matata isaac driver
Matata Isaac Graduate

Since I joined FOCAGIFO in 2017, it has been a great pillar of transformation in my life . The team is result oriented & supportive; Its comprised of the elderly who give strategic guidance & youth who ensure the job is done promptly.

His the I.T specialist and also a Hepatitis B advocate living positively
Lutamaguzi emma I.T specialist