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Our approach of ending HIV/AIDS is focused on reducing SSDDIM & improving SAVE. i.e.SSDDIM(Stigma, Shame, Denial, Discrimination, Inaction, Mis-actions).

SAVE: Safer behaviours, actions & practices that protect, limit and reduce risk against sexually and non-sexually transmitted HIV.
and adherence to good medical treatment and nutrion.
, routine and stigma-senstive HIV counseling and testing.
Enganging and empowering children, young people, women, men, families, communities and nations most at-risk of, most vulnerable to and most affected, challenged and oppressed by HIV & AIDS.

  • Ending HIV/AIDS
  • Education
  • Community engabement
  • Tree Planting
  • OVC support
  • Fund Raising

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Lend us your skills in fundraising, social media or let us know how you could be of help.


Become a SAVE Ambassador (anti – SSDDIM) in your community.

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Lets reach-out our support & services to more Orphaned & Vulnerable children in communities.

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Our Projects

Kiki Ekiganye Campaign

CSO Champions Of Long Term Hope Involvement in The Implementation of The Presidential Fast Track Initiative (PFTI) to End AIDS As A Public Health Threat by 2030

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children care & support

We provide OVC with the necessary resources to access affordable formal & informal education and also give them scholastic materials to retain them in school.

Hope Insitute for Transformational Leadership & Develoment

A Vocational & Technical institute that focuses on equipping youth with life skills that will enable them become job creators.

Hope University Semuto

A community based university in Uganda to graduate students in technical, vocational & business courses.

Raised:$3000 | Goal:$900,000 | Duration:3 Yrs

Hope Social Enterprises

These are income generating projects that FOCAGIFO is engaging in to generate some profit for her financial sustainability i.e. Hope Tea, Hope Fashions & Hope Tours & Travel

Earn As You Train Campaign

This program gives platfoam to our students in Hope Institute & Hope University to engage in businesses in-line with their courses for hands on experience & income generating.

Become a Volunteer

Join our team and make a contribution towards attaining a world were HIV/AIDS is defeated.

Our Team

Rev Canon Prof Gideon B. Byamugisha

Vision Founder

Rt. Bishop Samuel Sekadde

Board Chairman

Ms. Alesi Jacquelyne

Executive Director

Mrs Ninsiima Ruth

Principal Hope Institute

We Need Your Help

To increase their access to affordable education

We need vocational training equipment for carpentry and joinery, fashion and design, motor vehicle engineering, and early childhood development.
We need financial support to provide scholastic materials to students.
We welcome visitors, interns, and volunteers to provide training and other services.

United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
Uganda Networks of AIDS Service Organisations
Youth With a Vision Uganda
United States Agency for International Development